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Having Difficulty Implementing Enterprise VR Training Programs?

Companies using VR training have cited issues with:

How to Get Started With VR Training

PIXO Makes it Simple to Run Your Enterprise VR Training Program

The PIXO platform, streamlines the management of your training program—making it worry-free for training directors.


Browse and select the best VR training content for your employees.



Manage content permissions to specific orgs, groups, and users.



Wirelessly send VR training content to any headset in the world.



Track progress of training including status, completion and scoring.


Integrate data with Learning Management Systems with our API.

Off-the-Shelf Training Content Makes it Easy to Get Started

Companies Using PIXO are Seeing a Big Impact on Their Business

Solving skilled labor shortages
Making diversity training effective
Reducing workplace injuries
Improving employee wellness
Seeing better results for less

PIXO is Trusted Across Various Industries

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