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Virtual Reality for corporate training

We provide ready-to-use and tailor-made XR applications

Why Extended Reality (XR)?

By implementing XR you can facilitate training and recruitment, increase safety and have an unforgettable experience within your organisation.
Improve Efficiency
Think Safety
Cost Effective
High Retention
Eco Friendly

Why OneBonsai Virtual Reality ?

Your gateway to immersive learning & digital transformation




VR Platform

Combined with our VR courses, to get the best of everything

Progression Tracking

Overview of training progress and milestones. Ensuring that everyone is up-to-date and well trained.


Customize Content

Customize the training content per course to make it more relevant for your employees.

Module Management

Easily categorize, organize, and schedule training sessions within your organization

Mobile VR Box Easy To Use, Scalable

To make your life easier we included everything you need for a training session in an easy to carry & rugged box

Discover the ease of use of the Mobile VR Case


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