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3 Reasons Virtual Reality Can Amp Up Employee Training

Home is where the heart is. Thanks to the pandemic, home is also where the office desk is, where children go to school, where we work out, where we play, where we eat . . . and where we learn (at least for now).

Working from home has ushered in a whole new era of fun and exciting capabilities. These innovations include everything from the rapid expansion of telehealth and other virtual care services to the speedy adoption of virtual reality training for employees in a wide range of industries.

As 2022 unfolds and the pandemic stubbornly refuses to relent, companies big and small should pay special attention to growth opportunities of a home-based workforce. To get (and stay) ahead of the competition requires unconventional thinking and bold action, and VR training simulations can help organizations make learning and upskilling both fun and efficient—no matter where the worker is located, and often on a timetable that fits their family’s schedule.